Bladder stone surgery: cat’s often undergo it as vets try to cope with the damage done by spiraling rounds of UTIs (urinary tract infections), urethral blockages, kidney dysfunction caused by the previous troubles, and more. The sad thing is that they have few options. Too often by the time an owner even considers the question, “Can bladder stones kill cats,” the cat is already deeply involved in a cascading set of bladder troubles.

Even more tragic, in many cases of bladder stone surgery cats could have been spared the misery and risk if their owners had been aware and proactive, preventing problems instead of reacting to them after they begin. The most common causes of bladder problems in cats are crystal formation in the urine and bacterial infections, with either one serving as a trigger for the other. The trouble is that the symptoms for these problems are subtle and often missed until they are far along. If they have gone too far, and the urethra of a cat is blocked, the vet may have no choice but to use bladder stone surgery. Cats whose urethra is blocked can die in a matter of hours.

Yet by attending to three things an owner can enormously reduce the chances of a cat ever having serious bladder problems. A modified diet, a constant intake of water, and a regimen of supplements can prevent the conditions that lead to crystal formation and bacterial infection. Can bladder stones kill cats? Yes — but only if your cat becomes ill enough for those stones to form!

Crystal formation occurs when there is a dietary imbalance in respect to your cat’s food supply, and too little water and too little urination to flush any crystals that form out of the system. But if you take the time to do your homework, and you talk to your vet, you will find that there are many great foods, prescription, natural and homeopathic, that can alter the chemical balance, dissolve crystals into urine instead of helping precipitate them, and encourage healthy heavy urination.

To continue to promote steady and regular urination a cat needs a constantly available source of clean, clear, fresh water, and a clean litter box. With these a cat is encouraged to empty his bladder deeply and frequently, sweeping away bacteria and crystals before they can do damage, keeping the urine dilute, and providing little sustenance for bacteria to feed on.

The final step, natural supplements, is a mild, low-impact way of continuing the good work already in place as a result of protective feeding and watering. There are many formulas available, safe enough for human use and often employing the same gentle herbs as found in human supplements. Common ingredients are berberis, cantharis, and staphysagris. These, used together, act as antibacterial, diuretic, and soothing agent, making sure your cat is as safe as possible from bladder stone surgery. Cats are sturdy companions… but even a sturdy cat can be helped with a bit of proactive planning, and proper care.

You know the answer to the question. Can bladder stones kill cats? Yes, they can… and therefore loving cat owners should act well in advance to discourage the triggers that can cause bladder stones. Talk to your vet, plan well, and know that your cat is being well cared for.

Source by Jeffrey Grill

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