Why would anyone want to build a cat tree? For starters, cats are amazing creatures and incredible, affectionate pets, but they do have some nasty habits. Perhaps the worst of all is their tendency to claw and scratch things like your arm, couch legs, carpet, and other furniture.

If you don’t pay close attention 24/7, you’ll probably find evidence of scratching in many places you don’t want ruined. One scratching episode is all it takes to completely destroy a nice piece of furniture.

Learning how to make a cat tree can provide your cat a safe and convenient place to scratch while saving you money. After all, purchasing a tree online or from a pet store can cost you hundreds of dollars.

Although most people believe cats scratch to sharpen their claws, that’s not the most likely reason. The main reason for scratching is communication. Scratching objects in their environment leaves a clear signal to other cats who venture into the area.

Scent glands in the paws also leave an odor mark during scratching. This is why cats will continue to try and scratch even after they’ve been declawed. Cats also scratch during play and sometimes in frustration when they aren’t allowed to do other things they want to do.

It’s virtually impossible to change a cat’s natural instinct to scratch. Therefore, it’s best to get your cat to prefer a scratching post over the leg of your couch or other furniture.

If you build a cat tree yourself by following a set of diy cat tree plans, you can provide a place for scratching along with a place to sleep and play. The tree may need to be coupled with other scratching posts spread throughout the house since cats often like to scratch in more than one place.

Building a cat tree isn’t difficult with a good set of plans. It can easily be completed in a weekend or over the course of a few days if you don’t have much time to work on it. They are also excellent family projects you can do with your husband, wife, and/or kids.

Source by D. J. Blandford

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