Like humans, cats may also suffer from dandruff. Dandruff manifests itself as little white specks on the cat’s coat. It develops when loose dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin flake off and get caught in the cat’s fur.Dandruff can cause an animal’s coat to appear unsightly and unhealthy. Fortunately there are some home remedies for cats with dandruff which can be used to cure the condition.


Dandruff may be caused by a variety of factors such as sensitivity to a fungus that is present on the scalp, fungal infections, over-active oil glands or clogged oil glands the skin which can get very dry and produce dry flakes. Stress or a weakened immune system may also be the cause. Similarly, environmental conditions like cold weather or a dry environment can also trigger dandruff. Dandruff may also result from food allergies or intolerances. Excessive washing of your cat may also result in flaky, dry skin.

Conventional treatment

Treatment will depend on the cause of the dandruff. Conventional treatment often involve topical creams. Be aware though that these treatments may have side effects. One word of advice, never use human moisturising lotions on your cat’s skin as they contain chemicals that can irritate your cat’s skin.


A balanced diet is one of the most effective home remedies for cats with dandruff. As dandruff may be the result of food allergies or intolerances, feed your cat fresh, raw food without artificial additives rather than processed food. However, make sure you do not change the diet suddenly as this may cause an imbalance of natural oils and consequently a dry, flaky skin.

Supplementing your cat’s diet with omega-3 oils or adding a tablespoon of olive oil to the food a few times a week can help the skin and condition of the fur by stimulating natural oils in the skin. Vitamin A also helps to maintain healthy skin. Carrots, squash and sweet potatoes are excellent sources and can be grated into your cat’s food.

Herbal remedies

Herbal home remedies for cats will help keep your cat’s skin healthy and nourished as they support the natural oil production of the skin. Herbs such as horsetail and dandelion act as an effective tissue tonic and keep the skin hydrated. These and bladderwrack, a sea vegetable used in supplements, can be found in ready-made home remedies for cats with dandruff that you can buy.


One of the easiest home remedies for cats with dandruff is regular combing. It will not cure the condition but will remove flaky skin cells from the coat and stimulate circulation of blood in the skin. Brush your pet regularly, but gently to loosen dry skin cells and dandruff flakes.

Dry your cat thoroughly after washing, as shampoo residue can dry on the skin and cause flaky skin and dandruff. If you wash or bathe your cat regularly, reduce the frequency. Bathing removes skin oils and can make the skin scaly. The production of natural oils in the skin will be disrupted to counteract the dry skin caused by frequent washes and oil glands start producing too much oil.


If your cat is prone to dandruff, avoid keeping your cat in very cold and dry environments. Humidity in a room can be controlled by installing humidifiers.

These home remedies for cats with dandruff will rid your cat of dandruff in an effective manner.

Source by Monika Ruthe

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