Nothing looks more natural in a room than a smoke detector. Hidden cameras inside these devices give an unobstructed bird’s eye view of the room, perfect for catching thieves.

Pamela had strange things happening in her house. It began with the spilled cat food. Her cat, Albert, was very neat, and never spilled his food, but lately Pamela had been coming home from work to discover cat food strewn across the floor and the dish overturned. Another day she found a loaf of bread torn open and scattered on the floor. She knew that the cat couldn’t have done it.

When jewelry began to go missing from the top of her bureau she became concerned. Was it a person? She decided to set up some surveillance using smoke detector hidden cameras to find out who was entering her house, and how.

She placed one of the down view Smoke Detector Cameras over each entrance, another in the kitchen and another in her bedroom with a clear view of the bureau where her jewelry box was. She removed all of the expensive jewellery from the box and left the lid open, filled the cat food dish and left some bread on the counter.

Now all she had to do was wait for the thief to appear. Before long, Pamela discovered who the culprit was. It was Coco, the pet ferret who lived next door. He had been coming in through Albert’s pet door, looking for snacks and shiny things to steal.

She informed her neighbour about Coco’s thievery, and they found the missing jewellery stashed away in her bed. The neighbour took extra care to keep Coco in and Pamela locked Albert’s cat door when she was at work, solving the problem.

Source by Jack Krohn

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