Making your own toys for your cat to play with in their catio can be easy and fun. Especially in an outside cat enclosure, it is easy to use plants that are safe and adored by felines worldwide.

Cat lovers around the world agree that catnip is massively attractive to cats. Though the response of the cat depends upon the breed, the ones that do enjoy catnip the most are sent into a state of kittenish friskiness. Catnip acts as a stimulant for cats, but it can also be relaxing for humans.

Tips on Making Catnip Toys for Your Catio Cat Enclosure

There are a variety of ways to make catnip toys, ranging from simply hand-sewing toys to knitting and felting. Hand made catnip toys can make great gifts, and they can also save money for cat owners, as they can be made from scrap materials and homegrown catnip, rather than being purchased at a pet store. For people with cats who tend to go through catnip toys quickly, being able to make replacements can cut down on costs significantly.

The key thing to making catnip toys is that they should be fun and safe for cats. And that care should be taken during assembly to avoid the use of dangling strings which could detach and be swallowed, along with other small pieces which could pose a choking hazard. If cats swallow things like buttons, strings, and beads, they may be able to digest and pass them, but they could potentially choke or develop an intestinal blockage, which could require costly surgery. Therefore, catnip toys should be made from sturdy materials, and they should be well-constructed. They should also be replaced if they start to fray or fall apart.

Did you know that you can make a great catnip toy using just a scrap of material and some dried catnip? These easy cat toys make great gifts for your pet. You can even grow and dry your own catnip to use in these simple toys.

Once you have finished your catnip cat toy, throw it into the air and watch your cats have fun. Most cats love rubbing and rolling with toys that have catnip inside. Microwaving the toy for a few seconds can bring out the catnip scent, especially after your cats have been playing with the toys for weeks. Make sure you do not wash the toy or it will not smell like catnip anymore for your kitty to enjoy!

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