Teach Your Cat Not to Bite

These are not the words you want your guests to be screaming at you. To avoid embarrassment, train your cat not to bite before your guests have an unpleasant experience. Training your cat not to bite involves understanding why biting is a natural cat instinct, why it can indicate a power struggle and what actions will result in changed behavior.

Teach Your Cat Not to Bite

Understanding Why Biting Is A Natural Cat Instinct

There are some reasons why cats bite. This seems to be the most common problem with owners of cats. Cats bite, scratch and roll around with their playmates. This is important training for them because when they grow into adult cats, they will need to hunt for their prey. House cats do not need to hone in on their hunting skills, it is just natural for them to practice anyhow. This is where you need to teach your cat which behaviors are acceptable and which ones are not.

Why It Can Indicate A Power Struggle?

If you are not careful, your furry animal will take control over you and your household. Failure to not train your cat to bite, you will find your cat taking this up to the next level and could possibly cause some injuries. So, you need to show your cat who is boss. This will be a power struggle between the two of you. This type of dominance through physical assertion is natural in cats. If you are not dominant, your cat will be. This does not mean that you have to be mean to be aggressive. It is damaging not to give your pet some rules to live by so that they know the boundaries and where they are drawn.

What Actions Will Result In Changed Behavior

Basically, it boils down to behavior issues with your cat. When your cat was a young kitten, it learned how far it could push other kittens by testing boundaries. It would bite, scratch, and play fights with its littermates until it lost a fighting battle. After a while, it learned if it continued doing what it did, it causes a reaction that she does not like and will stop. Again, do not take this to the extreme or be abusive to your cat during training.

Here are some tips to help kitty from stop biting:

Use the spray bottle method – This is a very simple method, every time your cat displays an improper behavior just spray water in her face. Be careful not to spray any water in her ears. A downside to this method is that you must keep the bottle close to you so if you observe your cat showing the incorrect behavior, you can use the spray. This makes using this method very difficult. Also, some cats may like water and this method will not work.

The best way to stop the biting behavior is to not tolerate it from the beginning. When starting any training program, be sure to get your entire family on the same page, otherwise, your cat will get the wrong signals. You may want to consider using a clicker in the training of your cat.

Ignore Your Cat – If your cat wants attention according to her schedule and end the attention at her convenience, you will experience biting issues. If you are giving your cat so much attention that she wants to get away from you, and bites to get you to leave her alone, then the best recourse you can have is ignoring her. You can try giving your cat attention in small amounts then stop giving the attention before her limit has been reached is a place to start. If you know your cat will bite if you pet her after 3 minutes, then stop after 2. Do not play with her if she bites. This can backfire if your cat does not want to be bothered.

Bite Her Back – This method may seem unusual, but it works. In her natural environment, she would stop biting other cats if they bite back. You just need to give her a reason to stop. Make a loud noise and say “No!” whenever your cat bites. This may take a few tries, but giving her an unpleasant response every time will help her to learn that this behavior will not be accepted.

Reinforce Positive Behavior – Every time your furry friend shows the correct behavior, always give her some verbal praise, petting her, giving her favorite treat will go a long way for her to behave in the manner you are looking for. Do not reward your pet for showing the incorrect behavior. Otherwise, you will be defeating your purpose.

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