Scratchy Ramp 2-in-1 Cat Scratcher Ramp Unboxing

What is the Scratchy Ramp?

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The Scratchy Ramp is a cat ramp that also doubles as a cat scratching pad, a 2-in-1 cat product that you can both ultimately benefit from.

One of a cat’s many needs is to continuously ‘sharpen’ their claws, so they can let the outer, more worn out sheaths of their claws fall off. This is why your cat will often turn to scratching the furniture, carpets or curtains, so it can pry off the now obsolete sheaths. It goes without saying this activity will wreak havoc on your beloved furniture.

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What Does Scratchy Ramp Do?

Thankfully this wood cat scratcher can easily solve this issue, while also aesthetically blending into your home and matching any type of furniture you may have. This incline cat scratcher has an adjustable height and can be located near a couch, a bed or any of your cat’s favorite furniture, helping it reach new heights.

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This cat scratcher can be especially useful to senior cats or those cats that, as a result of various health issues, have lost their full mobility.  Of course, dogs can use it too – so if you have a cat and dog household, one can use it for scratching and the other as a ramp or they can both use it as a ramp.

The Scratchy Ramps we were sent were a hit straight out of the box, as you can see in our unboxing video.

This Alpha Paw item has hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied customers which may attest to it being the best cat scratcher on the market.

The inclination of the pad really makes it a cat scratcher that files nails simultaneously. Cats scratch to release emotion, so this helps to keep cats content and less agitated, as they are able to let go of what’s bothering them.

Scratchy Ramp holds up to 70 lbs, so it will definitely hold a Ragdoll cat.  Apart from this, the entire ramp easily folds down, so that you can slide under your couch or your bed when it is not in use.

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A Special Discount and a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are interested in trying out the Scratchy Ramp, you can save 20% off your purchase by entering “FLOPPYCATS20” discount code at checkout.


Compared to any Amazon cat scratcher, the Scratchy Ramp has hundreds of testimonials from many cat owners, and after having two of them for under a week, I can already see why.  It’s a hit.   Alpha Paw is committed to giving you your money back within 30 days from purchase, if you or your cat is not satisfied with the product.

The Scratchy Ramp gives your cat the relief it needs from the discomfort of growing new nails, while also protecting your furniture, carpets and curtains – and provides a ramp for the older ones who can no longer jump.

Have you heard of the Scratchy Ramp?  What do you think of it?

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