Have you ever wondered why your cat is meowing at odd times of the day? Things would be so much easier if only you could understand what it was trying to say. This article presents a short guide to cat sounds so that you can hopefully have an idea of what your cat is thinking about most of the time.

Meowing: A cat’s meow is its principal means of communication and can mean a whole lot of things. A cat meows mainly to command attention. So when your cat starts meowing persistently, you better sit up and take notice. Meowing usually means your cat is hungry or needs to go outside.

Mewling: The mewl is a soft sound usually associated with kittens rather than adult cats. It can be a call for some petting or it can also mean that your cat is not feeling well. Check up on your cat to see if it is eating properly. If yes, then some tender loving care will take care of the mewling.

Yowling: The yowl is an aggressive call made when the cat’s demands are being ignored, when the cat is involved in a fight or it is birthing. It can be a very annoying sound and can soon turn into a hiss.

Hissing: The hiss is an indication of either displeasure or fear. When cats hiss, their fur stands on one end and the back arches. It is better to keep a safe distance from your cat if it is hissing.

Growling: Growling is very rare in cats. Cats usually growl at things which are a potential threat. If your cat is growling, try to find out the source of her anger and remove it. In case the growl is directed at you, back off and let the kitty have some space of its own.

Purring: Purring is one sound that is exclusive to the cat family. There are basically two types of purrs. The slow and steady purr indicates that the cat is enjoying being petted and the deep purr, which is louder, means that your cat has had enough of petting. Once your cat starts deep purring, it’s time to let it go.

We hope that this article motivates you to start observing your pet and her range of cat sounds closely. Go ahead and do so and you will find that it is possible to judge your cat’s moods and demands easily.

Source by Flora Westbrooks

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